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Installing Fibercement Siding


Installation of Fibercement Siding
"...made of cement, sand and a small percentage of cellulose fiber. It's a relatively new product, but reports from the field say that it is performing well and, if installed carefully, it's difficult to distinguish from wood. "

History of Fibercement Siding
"In the mid 1980s, James Hardie pioneered the development of fiber-cement technology, and began designing and manufacturing a wide range of fiber-cement building products that made use of the benefits that came from the product's durability, versatility and strength."

Fibercement Siding Durability and Maintenance
F iber-cement siding is resistant to rain, hail, snow, salt air and damage from insects such as termites and carpenter ants. Some manufacturers, including James Hardie, guarantee the siding for 50 years against rotting, splitting, delaminating, warping, buckling and swelling.

Fibercement Siding Installation Techniques
Handling, Cutting and Nailing information about installing fibercement siding.

Cost of Fibercement Siding
Cement siding does cost about 20 percent more than vinyl siding, and it costs about 50 percent more than vinyl to install because it takes more people to hold the boards.

Fibercement Siding Pros and Cons
A listing of the pros and cons of installing fibercement siding.

Fibercement Siding Materials and Manufacturers
A listing of the manufacturers of fibercement siding.