Fiber Cement Siding- Durability

"...fiber-cement siding is resistant to rain, hail, snow, salt air and damage from insects such as termites and carpenter ants. Some manufacturers, including James Hardie, guarantee the siding for 50 years against rotting, splitting, delaminating, warping, buckling and swelling.

It's also not supposed to burn, either.

Pat Huelman, cold climate housing coordinator at the University of Minnesota, said cement-siding products offer great promise in terms of durability, but they're not completely immune to problems.

Moisture is the biggest foe.




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'Everybody wants this to be a solution for all the other problems with siding,' Huelman said.

But, like other siding products, cement-based materials must be installed and finished properly; otherwise they won't protect houses against moisture intrusion.

Are these products more durable than wood or vinyl? Not necessarily, he said. 'Inherently it might be, but it depends on the application,' he said.

While cement products are more impervious to moisture because the wood-fiber ratio is smaller than in wood siding, water still can be a problem, he said.

Correct installation includes properly protecting the house sheathing underneath the siding. Improperly installed siding traps moisture and causes sheathing and structural members to mold and rot.

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